The Mobile Giving Foundation approves Application Service Providers (ASPs) based on a range of criteria including the functionality of their mobile platform, mobile marketing service capabilities, financial viability, commitment to pioneering the mobile channel, geographical coverage, transparency of ownership and governance, etc.  The MGF approves new ASPs to fill a specific set of openings on a scheduled basis.

If you are interested in applying to become an approved service provider by the Mobile Giving Foundation, please click here for requirements.

Currently, the following Application Service Providers are approved by the Mobile Giving Foundation and are equipped to assist your organization with your mobile giving campaigns.


Connect2give Lars Hjoerne

Give by Cell Dave Asheim

(415) 297-6677

Hipcricket Eric Letsche

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons Michael Sabat


SUMOTEXT Matt Lozeau
Activistic *For Veteran Organizations Only Dylan Breslin-Barnhart