Current Mobile Giving Programs

The following charities can receive donations through your mobile phone. Text any “KEYWORD” to its associated “SHORTCODE” from your mobile phone to donate.

The amount of your donation will be added to your wireless bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Message & data rates may apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. All charges must be authorized by the account holder. Proceeds benefit the Mobile Giving Foundation’s charity partners. Service is available on most carriers. For more detailed Terms and Conditions, please click here.

The amount of your one-time donation will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Donor must be age 18+ and all donations must be authorized by the account holder (e.g.parents). By texting YES, the user agrees to the terms and conditions. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of the Mobile Giving Foundation charity partners and subject to the terms found at Message & Data Rates May Apply.

You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to campaigns short code or receive help by texting HELP. (20222, 501501, 52000, 41010, 80100, 25383, 50333, 41518, 864233, 777444, 90404 or 90999).

Air Force AssociationAFA1052000$10.00
Air Force AssociationAFA2552000$25.00
America CampaignCODE501501$10.00
American Autoimmune Related DiseasesAARDA20222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyCVC20222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyLIFE20222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyCURE20222$25.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationACLU520222$5.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationPLEDGE20222$5.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationPOWER20222$5.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRESIST520222$5.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRIBBON20222$5.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRIGHTS520222$5.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationSTAND520222$5.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationACLU20222$10.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationPLEDGE1020222$10.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationPOWER1020222$10.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRESIST20222$10.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRIBBON1020222$10.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRIGHTS20222$10.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationSTAND20222$10.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationACLU2520222$25.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationPLEDGE2520222$25.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationPOWER2520222$25.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRESIST2520222$25.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRIBBON2520222$25.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationRIGHTS2520222$25.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationSTAND2520222$25.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeDASH50333$5.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeKIDS50333$5.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeCURE50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeGIVE50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeHOPE50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeLIFE50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudePIZZA50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeROCK50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeVIDA50333$10.00
American Nurses FoundationNURSE20222$10.00
American Nurses FoundationRN20222$10.00
American Nurses FoundationMAGNET20222$25.00
American Nurses FoundationTHANKS20222$25.00
American Red CrossASSIST90999$10.00
American Red CrossHOMEFIRE90999$10.00
American Red CrossPREVENT90999$10.00
American Red CrossREDCROSS90999$10.00
American Red CrossDONATE90999$25.00
American Society Of Clinical PathologistsASCP20222$10.00
Americas Wetland FoundationWETLAND20222$10.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AssociationALS25383$10.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AssociationALSHOPE25383$10.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AssociationBEATALS25383$10.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AssociationFIGHTALS25383$10.00
Angelman Syndrome FoundationANGEL52000$25.00
Animal Refuge League of Greater PortlandPETS20222$10.00
Arkansas Rice DepotFEED141010$5.00
Arkansas Rice DepotFEED41010$10.00
Armed Services YMCA of the USA DBA San Diego Armed Services YMCAVETCALL552000$5.00
Armed Services YMCA of the USA DBA San Diego Armed Services YMCAVETCALL1052000$10.00
Armed Services YMCA of the USA DBA San Diego Armed Services YMCAVETCALL2552000$25.00
Army Historical FoundationAHF552000$5.00
Army Historical FoundationAHF1052000$10.00
Army Historical FoundationAHF2552000$25.00
Associated Humane Societies Popcorn ParkCAT501501$10.00
Associated Humane Societies Popcorn ParkHUMANE501501$10.00
Associated Humane Societies Popcorn ParkPOPCORN501501$10.00
Associated Humane Societies Popcorn ParkRESQ501501$10.00
Association of College and University Housing Officers-International Research and Education FoundationACUHOI20222$25.00
Association of the United States ArmyACT541010$5.00
Association of the United States ArmyACT1041010$10.00
Association of the United States ArmyACT2541010$25.00
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of AmericaAAFA20222$10.00
Baltimore Symphony OrchestraBSO52000$10.00
Battle Creek Community FoundationSUPPORT20222$10.00
Be the ChangeACT520222$5.00
Be the ChangeACT1020222$10.00
Be the ChangeACT2520222$25.00
Better Business Bureau Foundation NorthwestSHRED20222$5.00
Better Business Bureau Foundation NorthwestSHRED1020222$10.00
Better Business Bureau Foundation NorthwestSHRED2520222$25.00
Beyond Batten Disease FoundationCHANGE501501$5.00
Beyond Batten Disease FoundationHERO501501$10.00
Beyond Batten Disease FoundationSAVE501501$25.00
Blue Star FamiliesBSF580100$5.00
Blue Star FamiliesBSF1080100$10.00
Blue Star FamiliesBSF2580100$25.00
Board of Trustees of Calvary Presbyterian Church and Congregation of San FranciscoCALV1020222$10.00
Board of Trustees of Calvary Presbyterian Church and Congregation of San FranciscoCALV2520222$25.00
Boys and Girls Club of Edinburg Rio Grande ValleyCLUB20222$5.00
Boys and Girls Club of Harford County MarylandCLUBS501501$10.00
Boys and Girls Club of Harford County MarylandHARFORD501501$10.00
Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee ValleyBGCKIDS52000$10.00
Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee ValleyBGCTNV52000$25.00
California Future Farmers of America FoundationCAFFA20222$10.00
Campanile FoundationAZTEC20222$10.00
Campanile FoundationSDSU20222$10.00
Center for the Visual and Performing ArtsMCA52000$25.00
Central Park ConservancyPARK20222$5.00
Central Pennsylvania Food BankFOOD80100$10.00
Central Pennsylvania Food BankFOODNOW80100$10.00
Central Pennsylvania Food BankFOOD2580100$25.00
Chaminade Development FundFLYERS52000$5.00
Chaminade Development FundCHAMINADE52000$10.00
Chaminade Development FundFORTES52000$25.00
Charities Aid Foundation of AmericaABF20222$10.00
Childrens Inn at NIHINN501501$10.00
Childrens Tumor FoundationCTF20222$10.00
Christopher Reeve Foundation DBA Christopher and Dana Reeve FoundationLEGRAND20222$5.00
Christopher Reeve Foundation DBA Christopher and Dana Reeve FoundationREEVE20222$10.00
Coaching CorpsCOACH10501501$10.00
Coaching CorpsCOACH25501501$25.00
Coalition to Restore Coastal LouisianaCOASTAL20222$10.00
Colonial Williamsburg FoundationGIVECW20222$5.00
Colonial Williamsburg FoundationHISTORY20222$10.00
Colonial Williamsburg FoundationCWF20222$25.00
Community Food Bank of Eastern OklahomaKIDS501501$10.00
Dallas Arboretum and Botanical SocietyDABS520222$5.00
Dallas Arboretum and Botanical SocietyDABS1020222$10.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institute dba The Jimmy FundJIMMY20222$5.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institute dba The Jimmy FundCANCER20222$10.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institute dba The Jimmy FundFENWAY20222$10.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institute dba The Jimmy FundKCANCER20222$25.00
Defenders of WildlifeDEFEND20222$10.00
DePaul UniversityDEPAUL20222$10.00
Earth Share CaliforniaEARTHCA20222$10.00
Easter Seals Puerto RicoSERPR20222$10.00
Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer AssociationSOCCER52000$10.00
Ed Snider Youth Hockey FoundationKIDS20222$10.00
End FundTREAT1020222$10.00
End FundTREAT2520222$25.00
Fanconi Anemia Research FundFIGHT20222$10.00
First BookKFFL20222$10.00
Fisher HouseFH520222$5.00
Fisher HouseFH1020222$10.00
Fisher HouseFH2520222$25.00
Florida Atlantic University FoundationFAU541010$5.00
Florida Atlantic University FoundationFAU1041010$10.00
Florida Atlantic University FoundationFAU2541010$25.00
Fort Valley State University FoundationFVSU52000$5.00
Foundation for Angelman Syndrome TherapeuticsFAST52000$10.00
Foundation for Appalachian OhioGROWHOME20222$10.00
Gift of Life Bone Marrow FoundationDONOR20222$10.00
Gift of Life Bone Marrow FoundationGOL20222$10.00
Gift of Life Bone Marrow FoundationMITZVAH20222$10.00
Gift of Life Bone Marrow FoundationSWAB20222$10.00
Global Blood FundBLOOD52000$5.00
Good Shepherd Food BankFOODBANK20222$5.00
Government Accountability ProjectGAPMEMBER20222$5.00
Government Accountability ProjectGAP20222$10.00
Government Accountability ProjectGAPBANK20222$10.00
Government Accountability ProjectGAPFOOD20222$10.00
Grand Haven Area Community FoundationGHACF20222$10.00
Grand PerformancesGRAND20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankGBFB20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankHUNGER20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankSOX20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankTURKEY20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankWAAF20222$10.00
Greater New Orleans Teen ChallengeMONTHLY52000$10.00
Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against HungerWALK5501501$5.00
Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against HungerHUNGER501501$10.00
Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against HungerWALK10501501$10.00
Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against HungerWALK25501501$25.00
Greenwich HouseHOUSE20222$25.00
Haitian Neighborhood Center Sant La509PRIDE52000$5.00
Haitian Neighborhood Center Sant LaHAITI52000$10.00
Harvest Hope Food BankHHFB501501$10.00
Harvest Hope Food BankHHGRN501501$10.00
Harvest Hope Food BankHHPD501501$10.00
Heifer Project InternationalCOW41010$10.00
Heifer Project InternationalGIVE41010$10.00
Heifer Project InternationalHEIFER41010$10.00
Heifer Project InternationalPOVERTY41010$10.00
Hennepin Health FoundationGO52000$25.00
Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless4FEED20222$5.00
Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless4HOSEA20222$10.00
Hosea Feed the Hungry and HomelessPORSHA20222$10.00
Hosea Feed the Hungry and HomelessHOSEA20222$25.00
House of RefugeFAMILY501501$5.00
House of RefugeHOME501501$10.00
House of RefugeSAFE501501$10.00
House of RefugeBED501501$25.00
Household of Faith Family Worship Church InternationalHOFF20222$5.00
Houston Clean City Commission dba Keep Houston BeautifulKHB52000$10.00
Hudson River Sloop ClearwaterRIVER52000$10.00
International Rescue CommitteeRESCUE25383$10.00
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund DBA Armed Forces Family Survivors FundVETCALL580100$5.00
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund DBA Armed Forces Family Survivors FundVETCALL1080100$10.00
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund DBA Armed Forces Family Survivors FundVETCALL2580100$25.00
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of AmericaVETCALL5501501$5.00
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of AmericaVETCALL10501501$10.00
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of AmericaVETCALL25501501$25.00
Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research Education and ConservationCHIMP20222$10.00
Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research Education and ConservationJANE20222$10.00
JDRF InternationalJDRF520222$5.00
JDRF InternationalJDRFYLC20222$5.00
JDRF InternationalJDRF20222$10.00
JDRF InternationalJDRFCURE20222$10.00
Jenesse CenterJCGIVE20222$10.00
Jewish National FundJNF20222$10.00
Job Creators Network FoundationJCN20222$25.00
KCRW FoundationKCRW20222$10.00
Kolel Chibas JerusalemBSAFE20222$5.00
Kolel Chibas JerusalemIGIVE20222$5.00
Kolel Chibas JerusalemIGIVE420222$10.00
Kolel Chibas JerusalemPUSHKA20222$10.00
Kraddick FoundationKIDD52000$10.00
Kraddick FoundationKIDS52000$10.00
Lafayette CollegePARD20222$10.00
League to Save Lake Tahoe aka Keep Tahoe BlueTAHOE180100$5.00
League to Save Lake Tahoe aka Keep Tahoe BlueTAHOE280100$5.00
League to Save Lake Tahoe aka Keep Tahoe BlueTAHOE380100$10.00
League to Save Lake Tahoe aka Keep Tahoe BlueTAHOE480100$10.00
Library of CongressBOOK20222$5.00
Library of CongressLOC20222$10.00
Library of CongressREAD20222$10.00
Library of CongressLIBRARY20222$25.00
Little Patriots EmbracedLPE501501$10.00
Little Star FoundationSTAR20222$10.00
Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission SocietyFOOD4FLINT20222$10.00
Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission SocietyLOTTCAREY20222$10.00
Louisiana Philharmonic OrchestraLPOMUSIC20222$25.00
Love the SeaOCEAN20222$5.00
Love the SeaOCEAN1020222$10.00
Love the SeaOCEAN2520222$25.00
Maryland Affiliate of the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer FoundationCURE52000$25.00
Massachusetts Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Heroes MemorialHONOR20222$10.00
Massachusetts Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Heroes MemorialMFH20222$10.00
MBA Open Doors FoundationODF20222$25.00
Medcen Community Health Foundation DBA Navicent Health FoundationCHILD52000$10.00
Mental Health Association of Central FloridaHAPPY20222$25.00
Metairie Park Country Day SchoolCAJUNS20222$10.00
Miami Dade College FoundationMDCFUND501501$10.00
Mid South Food BankMMC501501$10.00
Mile High United WayUNITED20222$10.00
Mission of the Immaculate Virgin for the Protection of Homeless and Destitute ChildrenMOUNT52000$25.00
MOAA Military Family InitiativeMOAA580100$5.00
MOAA Military Family InitiativeMOAA1080100$10.00
MOAA Military Family InitiativeMOAA2580100$25.00
Mobile Giving FoundationCOOKIES20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationCOURAGE20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationICS20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationJOM20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationKTEENS20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationLAST20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationMIMI20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationPIZZA20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationSTORY20222$10.00
Mobile Giving FoundationWVALZ20222$10.00
Music for ReliefMFR541010$5.00
Music for ReliefMFR1041010$10.00
Music for ReliefMFR2541010$25.00
Music Hall Center for the Performing ArtsBACK20222$10.00
Music Hall Center for the Performing ArtsFRONT20222$10.00
National Association for Music EducationMUSICED20222$10.00
National Center for Victims of CrimeVEGAS20222$10.00
National Eczema AssociationECZEMA501501$5.00
National Eczema AssociationEXPO501501$5.00
National Eczema AssociationNEA501501$10.00
National Eczema AssociationSUPPORT501501$25.00
National Military Family AssociationVETCALL541010$5.00
National Military Family AssociationVETCALL1041010$10.00
National Military Family AssociationVETCALL2541010$25.00
National Network to End Domestic Violence FundHOPE41010$10.00
National Network to End Domestic Violence FundPURPLE41010$10.00
National Network to End Domestic Violence FundPURSE41010$25.00
National Wildlife FederationGOWILD25383$10.00
National Wildlife FederationLION25383$10.00
National Wildlife FederationWILD25383$10.00
National Wildlife FederationWILDLIFE25383$10.00
New World FoundationSANKOFA80100$5.00
New World FoundationPEACE80100$10.00
New World FoundationUNITY80100$25.00
No AIDS Task ForceNOAIDS20222$10.00
Nobles and Greenough SchoolNOBLES20222$10.00
Nobles and Greenough SchoolREUNION0520222$10.00
Nobles and Greenough SchoolREUNION1020222$10.00
Nobles and Greenough SchoolREUNION1520222$10.00
North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food BanksFEEDNC20222$5.00
Old Dominion University Educational FoundationBAND52000$10.00
Old Dominion University Educational FoundationPRIDE52000$10.00
Old SalemSALEM52000$10.00
One Warm CoatCOAT80100$5.00
One Warm CoatCOLD80100$5.00
One Warm CoatLOVE501501$5.00
One Warm CoatWARM80100$10.00
OneStar FoundationGIVE501501$25.00
OneStar FoundationHARVEY501501$25.00
OneStar FoundationTEXAS501501$25.00
Operation Support Our Troops AmericaACT552000$5.00
Operation Support Our Troops AmericaACT1052000$10.00
Operation Support Our Troops AmericaACT2552000$25.00
Oregon Rail Heritage FoundationRAIL52000$10.00
Our Lady of Mercy AcademyOLMA52000$10.00
Partnership for the FutureSTARS52000$10.00
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald HouseFAMILY20222$10.00
Phoenix Art MuseumPHXART520222$5.00
Phoenix Art MuseumPHXART20222$10.00
Pioneer Courthouse Square of PortlandSQUARE20222$5.00
Pittsburgh Trust for Cultural ResourcesARTS20222$5.00
Pittsburgh Trust for Cultural ResourcesTRUST520222$5.00
Pittsburgh Trust for Cultural ResourcesTRUST20222$10.00
Pittsburgh Trust for Cultural ResourcesTRUST2520222$25.00
Presbyterian Church USAJOY20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAOGHS20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAPCUSA20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAPDA20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAPEACE20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAYOUNG20222$10.00
PS ArtsPSARTS20222$10.00
Racing for CancerRFC20222$10.00
RC 22 FoundationSCGIVE52000$5.00
Realm of Caring FoundationROC52000$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaCHICKASAW501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaEK11501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaFFK501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaFOOD501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaMEAL501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaTORNADO501501$10.00
Road 2 Recovery FoundationR2R20222$5.00
Road 2 Recovery FoundationRONER20222$5.00
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of BostonOLGV2520222$25.00
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Clergy Health and Retirement TrustPRIEST2520222$25.00
Ronald McDonald House of DelawareHUGS52000$10.00
Ronald McDonald House of DelawareRMHDE52000$10.00
Ronald McDonald House of ScrantonHOME20222$10.00
Rutgers University FoundationRUTGERS20222$10.00
Rutgers University FoundationWALK20222$10.00
Salvadorian American Humanitarian FoundationSALVADOR20222$10.00
San Diego Humane Society and SPCAHUMANE52000$10.00
Save the Children FederationAID20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationCHILDREN20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationDONATE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationGIRL20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationIRMA20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationNEWBORN20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationREFUGEE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationSAFE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationSAVE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationSURVIVE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationTWISTER20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationUSKIDS20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationZIKA20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationHURRICANE20222$25.00
Save the Children FederationSYRIA20222$25.00
Seattle Childrens Hospital FoundationKISS501501$10.00
Seattle Childrens Hospital FoundationSEATTLEGIVING501501$10.00
Seattle Childrens Hospital FoundationSTRONG501501$10.00
Seattle Childrens Hospital FoundationTEAMJOEL501501$10.00
Seattle Childrens Hospital FoundationTEAMPRATT501501$10.00
Seattle Childrens Hospital FoundationTEAMRUSSELL501501$10.00
Seattle Childrens Hospital FoundationSMOOCH501501$25.00
Shakertown at Pleasant Hill KentuckyFUEL501501$10.00
Shakertown at Pleasant Hill KentuckyDISCOVER501501$25.00
Shakertown at Pleasant Hill KentuckyIGNITE501501$25.00
Shakertown at Pleasant Hill KentuckyINSPIRE501501$25.00
Share our StrengthSTRENGTH20222$5.00
Share our StrengthSHARE80100$10.00
Share our StrengthSTRENGTH80100$10.00
Share our StrengthSHARE20222$25.00
Shriners Hospitals for ChildrenDREAM25383$5.00
Shriners Hospitals for Children CincinnatiCRIMSON80100$25.00
Shriners Hospitals for Children CincinnatiGRATEFUL80100$25.00
Shriners Hospitals for Children CincinnatiLOVE80100$25.00
Shriners Hospitals for Children CincinnatiSHRINER80100$25.00
Sickle Cell Disease Association of AmericaFIVE52000$5.00
Sickle Cell Disease Association of AmericaBREAK52000$10.00
Sickle Cell Disease Association of AmericaMOVE52000$10.00
Silicon Valley Community FoundationGRADS20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionDESIGN20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionFLAG20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionFSG20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionSMITH20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionCONSERVE20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionDCPANDAS20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionDINO20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionNATIVE20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionNATZOO20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionNMAAHC20222$10.00
Society of St Vincent de Paul of DetroitGIFT20222$10.00
Soldiers AngelsACT580100$5.00
Soldiers AngelsACT1080100$10.00
Soldiers AngelsACT2580100$25.00
South Nassau Communities HospitalSNCH52000$10.00
Southwestern Oklahoma State University FoundationBULLDOGS20222$10.00
Spectrum Health FoundationCURE41010$5.00
Spectrum Health FoundationHEALTH41010$5.00
Spectrum Health FoundationCARE41010$10.00
Spectrum Health FoundationKIDS41010$10.00
Spectrum Health FoundationRIBBON41010$10.00
Spirit of America WorldwideTROOPS20222$10.00
St Johns UniversitySTJOHNS20222$10.00
St Josephs By The Sea High SchoolSEA52000$10.00
St Josephs By The Sea High SchoolVIKING52000$25.00
Tahoe Rim Trail AssociationTRAILS20222$5.00
Teen Cancer AmericaNOLAN20222$5.00
TeletonUSA FoundationTELETON20222$10.00
Texas Future Farmers of America FoundationGIFT4FFA41010$10.00
Texas Future Farmers of America FoundationMYTXFFA41010$10.00
Texas Future Farmers of America FoundationMYTXTCHR41010$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesDANIEL20222$5.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesDOG20222$5.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesDUFFY20222$5.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesHSUS20222$5.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesPROTECT20222$5.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesANIMALS20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesGIVING20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesHUMANE20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesLOVE20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesNUTJOB20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesPUPPY20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesPUPPY41010$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesTEAM20222$25.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesTEAM41010$25.00
Things of My Very OwnTHINGS52000$10.00
Tipping Point CommunityALICE20222$25.00
Tipping Point CommunityJUNTOS20222$25.00
Tipping Point CommunityTOGETHER20222$25.00
Tony La Russas Animal Rescue Foundation4ARF20222$10.00
Tony La Russas Animal Rescue FoundationARF20222$10.00
Tony La Russas Animal Rescue FoundationARF2520222$25.00
Tony La Russas Animal Rescue FoundationPAWS20222$25.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURWBUR520222$5.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURWBUR1020222$10.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURWBURGIVE20222$10.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURWBUR2520222$25.00
United Nations Foundation BOARED80100$10.00
United Nations Foundation BOARED501501$10.00
United Nations Foundation BOARED90404$10.00
United Nations Foundation BOARED20222$10.00
United Way of Greater TopekaTOPEKA52000$10.00
Vagabond School of the Drama DBA Flat Rock PlayhouseSHERO20222$5.00
Vermont FoodbankFOODNOW52000$10.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for ChildrenVETCALL520222$5.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for ChildrenVETCALL1020222$10.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for ChildrenVETCALL2520222$25.00
Vietnam Veterans Workshop DBA New England Center and Home for VeteransACT5501501$5.00
Vietnam Veterans Workshop DBA New England Center and Home for VeteransACT10501501$10.00
Vietnam Veterans Workshop DBA New England Center and Home for VeteransACT25501501$25.00
Volunteer Florida FoundationDISASTER20222$10.00
Volunteer Florida FoundationSUNSHINE20222$10.00
WaterAid AmericaAID41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaCHANGE41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaCHILD41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaCLEAN41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaDRINK41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaLIFE41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaLIVE41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaNENY41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaSAVE41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaTAP41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaTHRIVE41010$5.00
WaterAid AmericaWATER41010$5.00
Welcome AmericaFREE20222$5.00
Welcome AmericaPARTY20222$5.00
Welcome AmericaPHILLY20222$5.00
Welcome AmericaWELCOME20222$10.00
Wild Animal SanctuaryBEAR80100$5.00
Wild Animal SanctuaryLION80100$10.00
Wild Animal SanctuaryTIGER80100$10.00
Wild Animal SanctuaryRESCUE80100$25.00
Wiley CollegeWILEY20222$10.00
Worcester Center for Performing ArtsHANOVER52000$10.00
World RenewRENEW20222$10.00
World VisionAFRICA777444$10.00
World VisionGIVE20222$10.00
World VisionGIVE777444$10.00
World VisionHOPE777444$10.00
World VisionNEPAL777444$10.00
World VisionONE777444$10.00
World VisionSCHOOL777444$10.00
World VisionSCHOOLS777444$10.00
World VisionTORNADO777444$10.00
World VisionWATER777444$10.00
World VisionWV20222$10.00
World VisionACT777444$25.00
World VisionHAITI777444$25.00
World Wildlife Fund USACT20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USALIVE20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USCARE20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USCELL20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USCHANCE20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USCHANGE20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USELEPHANT20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USMOBILE20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USNEED20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USPHONE20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USRESCUE20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USROAR20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USTHRIVE20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USTIGER20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USTRUMPET20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USWILD20222$5.00
World Wildlife Fund USADOPT20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USEARTH20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USPANDA20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USRHINO20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USTIGERS20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USWWF20222$25.00
Wounded Warrior In Action FoundationWWIA80100$5.00
Wounded Warrior In Action FoundationTED80100$10.00
Wounded Warrior In Action FoundationWWIAF80100$10.00
Wounded Warrior In Action FoundationHEROES80100$25.00

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