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The Mobile Giving Foundation brings the power and reach of mobile phones to nonprofit organizations as a new fundraising and donor interaction mechanism. Through the Mobile Giving Foundation, non profits can leverage the ubiquity of mobile without the complexity, expand and cultivate a new base of givers and create permissive donor interaction.



Our goal is to enable the “mobile channel” for charitable giving in support of good causes by using the convenience, security and ubiquity of text messaging and other wireless network based billing systems. Nonprofit organizations will find mobile to be an effective channel for new donor acquisition, fund raising and donor interaction.  Donors will find the use of mobile to be convenient, immediate, private and secure.  Merging philanthropy with the power of the mobile medium serves the broader objective of expanding the pool of contributors to include those who might only be able to afford to make a small gift through a $5 or $10 charge collected through their wireless bill.  Donors can immediately respond to a mobile call to action whether it is delivered at point of sale, on television, via print, etc.  100% of each donation is remitted directly from the wireless operators to the Mobile Giving Foundation, which in turns gives 100% to the recipient charity.

The Mobile Giving Foundation operates in the US and Canada, and serves global charitable interests by:

  • Provide the organizational element that enables charitable giving across wireless carrier platforms
  • Be responsible for compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations
  • Develop, manage and keep standards for participation
  • Certify non profit participation and giving campaigns
  • Manage assigned short codes to be utilized by charities for mobile giving
  • Act as billing settlement and records clearinghouse between carriers and participating charities
  • Issue the donor receipt
  • Conduct research on the demographics of mobile giving and optimizing mobile giving campaigns
  • Increase awareness among the general public about the “Mobile Philanthropic Channel”

Please contact one of our approved Application Service Providers to get started today:

Mobile Giving by Connect2Give Mobile Donations by SUMOTEXT
Text Donations by Give by Cell
Mobile Fundraising by Mobile Commons
Mobile Giving by Hipcricket